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A Cat Named Beans

I have a cat named Beans. He is rescue pet from a local humane society animal shelter. I believe it's not a "no-kill" shelter so, a "kill shelter"? It doesn't say that on the sign.

Beans is the name the shelter gave him and I kept it. He was already answering to it and we both like it just fine.

He was the only cat that talked to me, eye to eye. But to be fair, he had an advantageous eye level location amongst the others. One of the workers there also put in a good word for him, so he must have been hustling long before I arrived.

I went as far as to "test drive" one other cat in a room the shelter had for meeting your candidates, but Beans was the right one.

So now he's here, going on 8 years...

Beans, a black and white cat lounging atop a turntable
Beans, looking down from a turntable