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Oh My Blog

Its time to write about writing a blog.

This is like a journal only not as personal. I don't keep a journal but I've often thought about it because it seems like a good idea.

I've also thought of writing a blog before, because it would have the same cathartic? benefits but with less effort (less frequency) and more pictures.

Here is a picture:

A lighted chicken coop casting shadows in the early morning dark
This is a winter, early morning photo of my backyard chicken coop

This will also be a personal web design project. I do that stuff for a living and want to start experiencing these special powers creatively, and with the benefit of sharpening my skills.

For this site, I'm using Eleventy. Eleventy is a static site generator and my FOMO is strong with these and their associated tools (JAMStack etc.)

Here's another reason for starting a blog. I would much prefer my and others' online world to be under our own control. Social media networks are a really cool idea, but the main players out there have gone a little sour.

Writing is healthy. My blog will be a chance for me to examine myself and ideas that take up space in my brain. I might even be able to share useful information with others, should these writings start to pop up in front of other people.

So that's it. I'm going to make another go at a blog 🤙